A downloadable My Island for Windows


You are T.A you are a high class pilot but your spouse has just died.You are on, one of your biggest journies with a group of 870 passengers.T.A got a little bit to excited and brought intense bottles of liquor.You then thought it would be cool to drink them while you flying and it ended with you falling asleep.You find yourself alone on a island surrounded by water but the radioactive hydro-oil from the giant plane splurred out making the water toxic. With you being the only survivor because you chose to only equip yourself with safety gear ended with the lives of them all.Now they all seek vengence in the only way they can do it through.ANIMALS!

Updates 0.2

  • Added grass biome
  • Added rocky mountain biome

Updates 0.1

  • Surival UI
  • Helicopter from story
  • Moving Character
  • Colour Correction,Motion blur and Antianialsing

Install instructions

Just download the file called setup and thorougly install with the installer, put settings in it will then skip straight to you spawning no menu or pause menu yet!


MyIsland_64Bit.exe 25 MB
MyIsland_32Bit.exe 24 MB


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Good Game , keep working on it 




The download doesn't work, it comes up with a unity folder for me to edit the game... plus please use grammar in your story it triggers me I'm a gammarnazi

It has been fixed and also the game will be updated often. :)